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Laws of Governance

Good Governance is a result, not a set of rules or structures. Good Governance is an organization being focused, effective and accountable in serving who it should whether it is a business, non-profit, charity or government.

Governance Fundamentals

Governance can be complex but it is always straightforward.

Governance Law of Organization Purpose. 
Errington's 3rd Law of Organizational Governance

. Purpose of an organization is
 it's foundational definition of success, the reason it exists.

 Hierarchies, processes, protocols 
& even the organization itself 
exist to serve it's purpose.
Governance Law of Servant Organizations. 
Errington's 2nd Law of Organizational Governance

. All organizations are
created to serve.

 Who, how & how well any organization serves is determined by governance.
Governance Law that Governance Exists. 
Errington's 1st Law of Organizational Governance

. Governance, an organization's relationships of direction, delegated responsibility & accountability, may be good, bad or indifferent but governance exists in every organization.

Murphy’s Laws of Governance

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, especially in governance.

Governance Law of Incompetence 
& Corruption
. Errington's 6th Law of Organizational Governance. 

Incompetence & corruption will find opportunities
to make mistakes
 & self-serve.
Governance Law of Bureaucracies
. Errington's 4th Law of Organizational Governance

. All organizations with poor direction, delegation & accountability (Governance) will create, inflate & ritualize hierarchies, protocols & processes to consume all available time, resources 
& finances.
Governance Law of Loyalty
. Errington's 7th Law of Organizational Governance. Loyalty & commitment to an
 organization, it's purpose 
& those it serves
 cannot be conflicted
by loyalty to others
or self-serving.
Governance Law of Responsibility
 not Power
 Errington's 5th Law of Organizational Governance

. Power is authority without accountability.
 Power corrupts & is addictive.

 Authority with accountability is responsibility, a burden. Only the best people willingly undertake.

 Elections, employment & appointments are delegations of responsibility,
 not paths to power.

Optimizing Governance

Good governance is a result of being focused, effective and accountable.

Governance Law of Success. 
Errington's 8th Law of Organizational Governance. Define success to be achieved,

 before delegating
achievement of success.
Governance Law of Accountability. 
Errington's 10th Law of Organizational Governance. Due Diligence &
 Accountability are duties,
 not personal or political.
Law of Governance Culture
. Errington's 9th Law of Organizational Governance. Good governance is an organizational
 culture of an being
 Focused, Effective & Accountable.

 Focused on
 achieving organization's purpose.
 Effective in
 achieving organization's purpose. Accountable to
 achieving organization's purpose.